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Flexible pricing that scales with your needs

Platform pricing is based on the number of buildings* deployed and the API usage fee is based on the amount of data consumed. Contact us for an Enterprise license or custom per-SqFT pricing or other discounts. (* Standard building is less than 250,000 square feet in area)

Number of standard sized buildings to be Mapped: 1



Up to 5 buildings

The Starter plan will cover use of the API only, making it easy for individual application developers to build solutions using the Mapped API.



per building/month

The PRO plan covers the discovery, extraction, normalization, and retention of data originating from on-prem building systems with legacy protocols, and cloud-based systems with APIs.


Includes everything in the Pro plan and is tailored to customer's needs. Contact for details.

All prices listed in USD.

Gateway options

Mapped offers two convenient modes to best suit your needs.

Gateway type



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Pricing structure

Mapped platform can be unlocked in one of the three convenient plans to fit your needs.

  1. Starter Plan - to explore the product for free.
  2. Pro Plan - to deploy with a fixed set of features and price with existing connectors
  3. Enterprise Plan - for a variety of custom features, bundling, and pricing options. Additional fee applies for data usage and gateways.

Subscription fee

A subscription is required to access Mapped platform. Fee covers discovery, extraction, normalization, and retention of data. Standard subscription fee in a Pro Plan is a flat recurring fee charged per building and discounted as the number of buildings increase. Enterprise Plan fee is custom.

Data usage fee

Normalized data is accessed using one of the methods

  1. Graph QL API queries - measured in increments of 1024 Bytes of normalized data extracted; called Return Unit or RU
  2. Webhooks or Streaming timeseries data extracted
  3. Prebuilt destination connector data usage. The data usage fee is charged at the end of the month, in a pay-as-you-go model. Enterprise Plan allows for pre-paid bundled data usage fee.

Edge gateway fee

An edge gateway is required to discover and extract data from building's networks (on-premise). Gateway is deployed either as a virtual gateway (containerized software) or installed as a physical hardware. Fee for virtual gateway is included in subscription plan, physical gateway has a one-time fee. Note: Gateway is not supported on a Starter plan

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